💔 Adobe-Figma $20B Deal Is Over

Plus: 🚗 EV Founder Going to Jail, 🚢 Red Sea Shipping Attacks

Adobe has ended its plan to acquire Figma in light of intensifying regulatory headwinds in Europe. The tech giant will be on the hook for a $1 billion termination fee. Read more.

The founder of Tesla rival Nikola has been sentenced to prison time for misleading investors. He was accused of lying about having developed a self-driving semi truck — even though he had no such thing. Read more.

Global shipping giants are rerouting vessels away from the Red Sea as conflicts related to the Hamas-Israel war spread. Roughly 12% of global trade depends on the Suez Canal, which connects the Red and Mediterranean seas and serves as a shortcut for goods to move between Asia and Europe. Read more.

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