πŸ’Ό AI's Impact on Hiring in 2024

Plus: πŸš€ Apple Finally Takes Action, 🏒 Office Landlords Are Thirsty

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A recent survey of 750 business leaders in the US shows that employers are very keen on new hires that have AI skills, and believe that these skills will result in higher job security. Read more.

πŸš€ Apple Finally Takes Action

Apple released a bunch of research papers recently related to Gen AI. Highlighting two of them:

  1. HUGS (Human Gaussian Splats) - Create animated 3D human avatars based on a video.

  2. LLM in a Flash - Faster LLM inference with limited memory.

There are more papers about NeRFs on local devices, planning, and tool retrieval in LLMs. Excited to see what Apple comes up with in 2024.

Top-tier office spaces are coming along with some sweet deals. Renters are getting an average of 10 months free, up from 7 months a few years ago. Great news if you’re in the market. Read more.

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