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LabHost, a cyber fraud superstore that allowed users to produce realistic-looking websites from household names such as the big banks, ensnaring victims around the world including 70,000 in the UK.

Victims entered their sensitive details, some of which were used to steal money, but those behind the site also made money by selling details on the dark web for fraudsters to use.

LabHost amassed 480,000 debit or credit card numbers, 64,000 pin numbers and made £1m from membership fees alone from 2,000 people, which were up to £300 a month for membership, to be paid in cryptocurrency. It advertised itself as a “one-stop-shop for phishing”. Read more.

If you take it for granted that nobody can listen in on your innermost thoughts, I regret to inform you that your brain may not be private much longer. Tech firms are hungry for neural data, and legislators in Colorado are concerned. Read more.

Meta is putting their AI assistant everywhere across Instagram, WhatsApp, and Facebook with a new version of Llama 3.

You’ll now be able to:

  1. Access Meta AI through your feed, chats, and search bar

  2. Or, quickly navigate to the browser version at meta.ai

  3. Access real-time information from the web

  4. Create custom GIFs

  5. Generate images as you’re typing in a prompt

Meta’s model is open source, meaning that companies can adapt it for their own use. Fine-tuning could even put it on par with GPT-4. Also, around 3 billion people use Meta’s products every day. This new release opens up AI to a much wider audience, including people who have never interacted with generative chatbots before. Read more.

⚡ 3 Cool Tools

Fixkey: Grammarly for powerusers.

Vault by Modernbanc: Build custom payments flows in 5 minutes.

ChatAvatar: Text and image to 3D avatar.

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