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Alibaba’s revenue from its international e-commerce segment which includes AliExpress grew 45%. It is driven mainly by AliExpress’s service called Choice, which offers low prices and relatively fast delivery. Analysts view Choice as Alibaba’s answer to rival PDD’s fast-growing global shopping app Temu, which is known for ultralow prices. Read more.

Microsoft has asked some China-based employees working on AI to consider relocating to its offices in other countries, a company spokesperson said. The offer comes amid rising tension between China and the U.S., especially over cutting-edge AI technology developed by U.S. companies. Read more.

Netflix plans to launch an in-house ad tech platform to give advertisers new ways to buy ads, leverage insights, and measure impact.

Netflix also said that its ad-supported subscription tier now reaches 40 million monthly active users globally, up from 5 million a year ago. Read more.

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Metaforms: OpenAI + Typeform = AI for feedback, surveys & research.

OpenUI: Describe UI and see it rendered live.

Nas.io: Everything you need to grow and monetize a community of fans, followers, and customers.

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