🚀 Google Ends Moonshot Era

🚨 GPT-4o’s Polluted by Spam and Porn Websites, 📌 Humane Seeks AI Pin Exit

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Alphabet is ending an era of unrestrained invention, spinning off many projects into independent startups.

While the company was initially reluctant to let outsiders share the fruits of its investments or risk compromising intellectual property, executives ultimately decided it was better than letting promising technology wither.

The new policy opens up more possibilities, but it also signals that Alphabet will be shutting off funding to more mature projects that haven't proven themselves financially viable. Read more.

Last week’s release of GPT-4o, a new AI “omnimodel”, was supposed to be a big moment for OpenAI. But just days later, it feels as if the company is in big trouble. From the resignation of most of its safety team to Scarlett Johansson’s accusation that it replicated her voice for the model against her consent, it’s now in damage-control mode.

On top of that, the data it used to train GPT-4o’s tokenizer—a tool that helps the model parse and process text more efficiently—is polluted by Chinese spam websites. As a result, the model’s Chinese token library is full of phrases related to pornography and gambling. This could worsen some problems that are common with AI models: hallucinations, poor performance, and misuse. Read more.

Humane is reportedly exploring a potential sale of the company, just weeks after its highly-anticipated AI Pin wearable device launched to poor public reviews.

Despite wearables like the AI Pin, Rabbit’s r1, and others hitting the market, we’ve yet to really see one truly break through to broader adoption. With AI rapidly coming on-device and Siri 2.0 on the way, our smartphones might just evolve to being the only AI device users really need. Read more.

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Octoverse: Build AI companions that understand and complete tasks for your users in apps.

Maven: Follow interests, not influencers.

NocoBase: Scalability-first, open-source no-code platform.

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