🍦 McDonald’s Killed This Company

Plus: 📊 MrBeast Launched Nifty Analytics Tool, 🦺 TikTok Protected Itself

Here’s a fascinating story. Apparently, there’s proof that McDonald’s all but shut down a startup that tried to improve the chain’s ice cream machines by telling franchisees not to buy it. Of course, there’s been years of litigation because of it. Read more here.

The top YouTube creator in the US has co-founded a new analytics platform for YouTubers, similar to Socialblade but so far without a paywall or clear monetization strategy. Have a peek at the performance of top creators. Read more here.

A quiet change to TikTok’s terms of service will make it harder for anyone to bring legal action against it — which they’ve seen a lot of lately. It shows just how important the fine print in any ToS really is. Read more here.

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