👮 Microsoft Banned U.S. Police From AI

🤯 Sam Altman Calls GPT-4 “The Dumbest Model”, 🐝 Bumble Took Away Its Key Feature

Microsoft changed its policy to ban U.S. police departments from using its Azure OpenAI service, the company’s fully managed, enterprise-focused OpenAI tool. The ban also includes any law enforcement globally and bans the use of real-time facial recognition technology. Read more.

In a video snippet from a Q&A at Stanford University, Sam Altman is seen denouncing ChatGPT and GPT-4, calling ChatGPT “mildly embarrassing at best” and stating that GPT-4 is “the dumbest model that any of you will ever have to use again by a lot.” Read more.

Dating app Bumble entered the market ten years ago with its landmark model where women made the first move, but now it’s rolling back that model. Instead, they’ve launched a new feature based on the data that people are interested in more in-person connections. Read more.

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