📰 OpenAI Made Deal with News Giant

Plus: ⚡ Tesla's Humanoid Robot with Delicate Hands, 📲 Texts.com: Automattic's Next Frontier

Industry leader OpenAI will start paying industry leader Axel Spring (who owns Business Insider, Politico, and many more) to use its news content in all of their AI products. This represents the first deal of any kind where a global news publisher sells their content to an AI language model for training purposes. Read more here.

Tesla has an updated version of its humanoid with hands so delicate that it can handle eggs without breaking them. While still in prototype, the robot shows an impressive range of movements that look very smooth and lifelike.

Automattic, the owner of WordPress.com acquired Texts.com for $50M, entering the messaging market. Texts.com aggregates global chats, challenging Apple’s iMessage. The acquisition marks Automattic’s expansion into a third major market beyond publishing and commerce. Read more here.

⚡ 3 Cool Tools


The marketing AI tool for entrepreneurs.

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Workflow automation beyond triggers and actions.

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Deta Space

A new computer and OS for the internet.

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