🔮 The ChatGPT of video is here

Plus: 🌍 Explore with Layla, 🔄 Sam Altman’s back

🔮 Pika Labs Launches a New Era of AI this Video Generation Tool

Pika Labs just released what looks to be the AI video generation equivalent of ChatGPT.

While AI is certainly prone to a bit of exaggeration the words of OpenAI scientist Andrej Karpathy capture the significance of this moment:

“You know how image generation went from blurry 32x32 texture patches to high-resolution images that are difficult to distinguish from real in roughly a snap of a finger? The same is now happening along the time axis (extending to video) and the repercussions boggle the mind just a bit. Every human becomes a director of multi-modal dreams, like the architect in Inception.“

Watch the video below to see how incredible the results look:

Pika 1.0 can be accessed by signing up to the waitlist here.

🌍 Layla Taps into AI and Creator Content to Build a Travel Recommendation App

Meet Layla, the Berlin-based startup that’s shaking up the travel industry with a dash of AI and creator content.

Partnered with Booking.com and Skyscanner, Layla is a chatbot that not only suggests your next vacation spot but also helps with bookings.

Users can chat with Layla on Instagram about destinations, their temperatures, the best time to go, and things to do, along with flight and hotel options.

The bot also surfaces videos of different destinations from the creators (fetched from the Beautiful Destinations network) to give you an alternative view of a place.

The company has raised €3 million in seed funding led by firstminute capital.

🔄 Sam Altman’s Officially Back at OpenAI, and the Board Gains a Microsoft Observer

Sam Altman’s back.

Sam Altman has officially returned as CEO of OpenAI after a turbulent period, and the organization now has a new board of directors.

Mira Murati, who briefly wore the interim CEO hat, is back to her CTO duties.

The new board includes big names like Bret Taylor, former co-CEO of Salesforce, Quora CEO D’Angelo, and economist Larry Summers. Even Microsoft is getting a seat at the table, albeit as a non-voting observer.

Altman seems pumped about the future, promising to advance OpenAI’s research plan and invest in AI safety efforts.

The recent turmoil at OpenAI started when the previous board tried to kick Altman out, leading to a backlash from Microsoft and other investors, and threats of mass resignations from OpenAI employees.

It was a messy situation, but it seems like things have calmed down now.

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