💸 Victoria’s Secret $71M loss

Plus: 📧 Check Your Sent Folder, 🔒 Restricted Evernote

💸 Victoria’s Secret Swings to $71M Loss in Q3

Victoria’s Secret reported a $71M loss in Q3, despite a revamped loyalty program and a shift in marketing strategy.

The company has moved away from its previously criticized hyper-sexualized marketing, relaunching its fashion show as an Amazon Prime original streaming event.

However, the company’s messaging is confusing, with most stores remaining unchanged and management oscillating between authenticity and sultry marketing.

This confusion is reportedly damaging sales and causing market share loss.

On the bright side, their new loyalty program is a hit, boasting over 22 million members who contribute to 75% of weekly sales.

Their beauty category now outperformed the core lingerie business, with sales picking up late in Q3.

📧 If You Used Gmail, Your Emails May Be Delayed

Gmail users experienced significant email delays on Thursday.

If you sent an email between 11:30 AM and 2:00 PM EST, your email might not be delivered or be significantly delayed. So you might want to hit the resend button.

Google reported that new emails were unaffected, but older ones would be auto-retried and delivered within a few hours.

The issue, which affected an unknown number of the 1.8 billion Gmail users worldwide, persisted until just after 2:00 PM. The issue was reported by at least 700 users on Downdetector.

Google has since mitigated the problem for most users and is conducting an internal investigation.

🔒 It’s Official: Evernote Will Restrict Free Users to 50 Notes

Evernote has officially limited its free plan to one notebook and 50 notes, effective from December 4.

Users can delete content to add new content within this limit. Those with more than 50 notes can export additional notes and notebooks.

The change is part of a test to encourage users to upgrade to higher limit plans priced at $14.99 and $17.99 per month.

The company, which has been unprofitable for years, was acquired by Bending Spoons in November 2022 and laid off 129 people in February 2023.

If this new limit is not for you, Notion, Microsoft OneNote, and Zoho Notebook are some alternatives with generous free tiers.

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